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The Management of Monar Industrial Services (Caribbean) Limited intends to demonstrate an ongoing and determined commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment throughout the company. Our belief is that all employees shall have awareness and understanding of Health and Safety hazards and risks that affect our business. The Health and Safety of every person and the protection of the Environment is a fundamental consideration in every business decision and plan. We will not be satisfied until we have successfully eliminated all injuries, occupational illness, unsafe practices, and incidents of environmental harm from our activities.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve the highest standards within our operation, that meets industry recognized best practices.We shall seek to involve all employees in our approach to safety and to remind them of their responsibilities to themselves, their colleagues, and the company.

Monar Industrial Services (Caribbean) Limited belief is that with the implementation and maintenance of this HSE-MS, we will provide a healthier and safer working environment for all that is affected by our operations. We shall therefore achieve our goals by:

  1. Identifying hazards and managing risks associated to human life, company assets and the environment. All our employees shall be informed of the health and safety hazards and risks that affect their work and surroundings.
  2. Complying with or exceeding the requirements of local legislation and industry best practices.
  3. Providing safe systems of work to effectively manage high risk activities.
  4. Providing safe work conditions and equipment, ensuring any equipment used is right for the job, safe to use, well maintained and inspected regularly.
  5. Reporting and investigating all accidents, incidents and near misses, communicate the findings and lessons learned to employees all in a bid to drive improvement in our HSE management system for the prevention of accidents. We will also take corrective actions to prevent recurrences.
  6. Adequately training all employees and providing the necessary instructions on the health and safety issues that may affect them. We will continue to provide training in areas we identify to help us assure competence.
  7. Identifying potential emergency situations that may arise from our operational activities and develop emergency response plans to manage them.
  8. Involving all employees in HSE matters and these will be defined in their roles and responsibilities which will be adequately assessed, controlled, and monitored regularly.
  9. Consulting all employees on HSE issues and agreed resolutions will be effectively implemented in a timely manner to improve the performance of the HSEMS.
  10. Requiring safety as a condition of employment. All employees shall work responsibly while taking consideration for others and the protection of the environment.
  11. Endorsing all contractors to execute and comply to the same standards and procedures for health, safety and the environment as we shall on site and at our customers sites.
  12. Providing appropriate resources in the development and implementation of this policy.
  13. Striving to achieve leading HSE industrial best practices and work alongside our Clients in achieving HSE Excellence.
  14. Ensuring our workplace is free from substance abuse.
  15. Regularly auditing our HSE Management System to review, ensure compliance,and improve our HSE performance continuously. Through this analysis we commit to also reviewing our HSE policy at least once every three (3) years.

The Management of Management of Monar Industrial Services (Caribbean) Limited is also committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy. To achieve this, MISCL will:

  • Ensure the use of less hazardous substances where effective substitutes are available and ensure that proper protective measures have been implemented. We will provide safe handling, storage, and transportation of harmful substances utilized in our daily operations.
  • Cooperate with Clients and adhere to any specific requirements regarding environmental management not already followed by the Company.
  • Proactively assess the environmental aspects of our activities, products, and services to determine associated environmental impacts.
  • Minimize the consumption of natural resources and use energy efficiently, reduce waste and emissions from our operations and reuse or recycle as much as is reasonably practicable.
  • Utilize materials, products, and processes that conform to best environmental practices.

It is our firm belief that if the outlines of this policy are met, MISCL will definitely create a much safer and more productive working environment.

I give my personal commitment to review and promote its effective implementation and our assurance that it will be communicated to all employees.

Approved By:
Mr. Seereeram Deonath
Managing Director

Our Commitment to HSE - Energy Chamber Award Finalist

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